billions of dollars in government subsidies
May 19, 2010, 2:42 am
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We generally and popularly believe that sprawl happens because that is what the markets allows and decides.  Very seldom do we hear another opinion on this matter.  Here is one, though.  This article says it not private business men or home buyers or the market, but government largesse that is spreading us all over the green map.  Subsidies.  It’s a sort of welfare set up then:  you want to live all over hell’s half acre, not only is that perfectly fine, but also, the government will fund your irresponsible decision.

I heard about 20 years ago, in a column in the Globe and Mail, that the largest public money grab in North America is … the suburb.  This article supports that claim.  I find it amazing that this truth is not a part of the public discourse.  No one believes this.  Perhaps because everyone wants to believe he is paying his own way and no one wants to believe that his lifestyle is being subsidized.

Here is the excerpt from the article —

So why do we keep sprawling and overdeveloping?  Sprawl has more than one source.  As Sierra Club’s two most recent national sprawl reports have shown, a complex mix of billions of dollars in government subsidies, and poor federal, state and local planning policies fuels haphazard growth.  Beyond that, in many but not all regions, rapid population growth further fuels sprawl.

Population Growth and Suburban Sprawl

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