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May 26, 2010, 5:55 pm
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Eight myths about high density development busted by the ULI:


MYTH – Higher-density development overburdens public schools and other public services and requires more infrastructure support systems.

FACT – The nature of who lives in higher-density housing—fewer families with children—puts less demand on schools and other public services thanlow-density housing. Moreover, the compact nature of higher-densitydevelopment requires less extensive infrastructure to support it.


MYTH – Higher-density developments lower property values insurrounding areas.

FACT – No discernible difference exists in the appreciation rate of properties located near higher-density development and those that are not. Some research even shows that higher-density development can increase property values.


MYTH – Higher density development creates more regional traffic congestion and parking problems than low-density development.

FACT – Higher-density development generates less traffic than low-density development per unit; it makes walking and public transit more feasible and creates opportunities for shared parking.


MYTH – Higher-density development leads to higher crime rates.

FACT – The crime rates at higher-density developments are not significantly different fromthose at lower-density developments.


MYTH -Higher density development is environmentally more destructive than lower-density development.

FACT – Low-density development increases air and water pollution and destroys natural areas by paving and urbanizing greater swaths of land.


MYTH – Higher-density development is unattractive and does not fit in a low-density community.

FACT – Attractive, well-designed, and well-maintained higher-densitydevelopment attracts good residents and tenants and fits into existing communities.


MYTH – No one in suburban areas wants higher density developments.

FACT – Our population is changing and becoming increasingly diverse. Many of these households now prefer higher-density housing, even in suburban locations.


MYTH – Higher-density housing is only for lower-income households.

FACT – People of all income groups choose higher density housing.

source:  Higher Density Development: Myth and Fact, Urban Land Institute, 2005


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