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July 19, 2010, 9:38 pm
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Chalk one more up to the greatest generation.  A good description of the costs of the suburb:

America has now squandered its national wealth erecting a human habitat that, in all likelihood, will not be usable very much longer, and there are few unspoiled places left to retreat to in the nation’s habitable reaches.  Aside from its enormous social costs, which we have largely ignored, the whole system of suburban sprawl is too expensive to operate, too costly to maintain, and a threat to the ecology of living things.  To lose it is tragic not because Americans will be deprived of such wonderful conveniences as K Marts and drive-in churches — we can get along happily without them — but because it was a foolish waste of resources in the first place, and it remains to be seen whether its components can be recycled, converted to other uses, or moved, or even whether the land beneath all the asphalt, concrete, and plastic, can be salvaged.  In the meantime, Americans are doing almost nothing to prepare for the end of the romantic dream that was the American automobile age.

–JH Kunstler, The Geography of Nowhere, p. 114


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