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November 13, 2010, 12:19 am
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Highlights from the video:

The average American meal travels thousands of miles … chemically freshened and mostly tasteless.

Growing locally and organically within 100 miles is desirable.

Industrial farming requires 11,273 SF of land / person

Organic farming requires 22,801 SF of land / person  = 60 mile radius around NYC.

Add other population outside New York = 143 mile radius to produce organic / local food for population.

How to reduce radius?

1. Americans eat less – reduce calories and animal fats which use more land to produce – 10% reduction in land needed = 137 mile radius

2. reorganize suburbs and cities in the region  –

a. make rural centers denser farming hubs

b.suburban sprawl can become farmland or densified (reduced to 121 mile radius)

c. make NY and Conn coasts dense eco cities already served by public transit (reduced to 116 mile radius)

d. Newark 50% and Jersey city 60% as dense as NYC – make as dense as Manhattan (reduced to 100 mile radius)

With these changes all regions food can be grown organically and locally within 100 mile radius.

Use same approach country wide for better food for all Americans.




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