finally admit policy failures
March 30, 2011, 6:52 am
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I browsed through this special feature in the New York Times – what a lot of blow!  If these are the best urban / city minds the Times can come up with we’re in big trouble.  No wonder everything’s crumbling around us.  This following, hard hitting sentence was about the only sane thing I read.

Keep in mind, our urban policies haven’t just allowed sprawl, they have enabled, funded, advocated for it.  There’s a huge difference.  And Griffin is right, the funding of exurbia is directly connected to our failing city centers – their infrastructures, institutions and social realities.

From the NY Times:

Therefore, what we must do about the American shrinking city is finally admit — out loud — the failure of urban policies that have allowed regional sprawl to decentralize the urban core, leaving behind crumbling and excessive infrastructure, concentrations of generational poverty and weakened civic capacity.

No City Is Disposable, Toni L. Griffin, The Incredible Shrinking City, The New York Times


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