the silver bullet
June 10, 2011, 9:10 pm
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The city, says Chakrabarti, is the silver bullet that can take care of a long list of social issues that we are facing today:  bad economy, energy crisis, fear, racism and nativism, debt and health.

The debate around cities and land use is all about maintaining perceived choice and freedom.  However, the reality is our chosen mode of living – the suburb – is heavily underwritten by tax dollars, a kind of welfare program for the middle class.

For the silver bullet to work, the entire debate must be recast and the veracity of mythologies such as ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’ fundamentally challenged, and replaced with something more accurate.

The quote from Chakrabarti:

 the United States faces a series of deeply connected challenges: economic decline, energy dependence, oil wars, terrorism, xenophobia, protectionism, mounting debt, and spiraling health care costs. These challenges, while vexing when taken together, are surmountable with the silver bullet of the city. The combined growth of the skyscraper and the subway, I continue to posit, is the best path to keep our nation and our developing planet economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

The Ultimate Country of Cities, Vishaan Chakrabarti


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