at the back of the line
July 3, 2011, 10:05 pm
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Health and happiness found when streets are used for more than just cars:  walking, biking, commerce, social life.  Makes sense to me, but if you understand how American planners think – or don’t – it’s going to be a steep and daunting climb to this new better definition of the city.

From a post by Alex Marshall:

In center cities, we need to put drivers at their appropriate place in the urban hierarchy – which is quite frankly, at the back of the line. We need to not only change physical boundaries and traffic signals, we need to change legal boundaries to make drivers more liable for the harm they can do with their heavy, steel instruments.
It’s no accident that our sister global cities – London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Zurich, etc – are making these changes. They are finding that a city more oriented around walking, biking and transit is more desirable place to live and work. And that becomes part of a city’s appeal, its competitive edge.

Drivers in the Urban Hierarchy, Alex Marshall, Car Clash: Europe VS the US:  Europeans are working hard to discourage drivers, cars and parking in their cities:  Why is American city planning different? New York Times


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