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September 19, 2011, 5:30 pm
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Here’s an interesting new way of looking at the US in a map by the RPA.  Instead of seeing it as a country we could see it as an agglomeration of populous regions.  A union of states, which was, after all, the originating conception.  They are from east to west: North East, Piedmont Atlantic, Florida, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, Texas Triangle, Front Range, Arizona Sun Corridor, Southern California, Northern California, and Cascadia.

I’ve lived in Great Lakes, Cascadia and Northeast and would again.  How about you?

This map sinks in over time.  I keep referring back to it as I do my writing and work.  Think, for instance, about future development.  Governments are threatening to release stimulus funds to reignite the stagnating economy.  I write a lot about how containing resources geographically – as opposed to spilling them aimlessly – is good way to plan and to reduce debt.  Carefully allocated and planned expenditures of resources is something we’re not very good; we tend to sprawl all over the map.  This tendency is directly connected to the crisis of debt and insolvency we are having right now in America.

After cities, the regions are the solution.  Contain infrastructural expenditures to cities and then efficiently connect the cities within each mega region and we tackle debt and energy waste head on.

What I originally thought was just a map, is actually a very good idea.

America 2050



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