Eglinton crosstown subway project
January 4, 2012, 5:26 am
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A cool video of the new Eglinton crosstown subway project in Toronto.  They’re starting now, and it won’t be finished until 2020.  The five meter diameter tunneling machines drill 75 meters a week.   It should have a huge impact on the city.  It will move more people quicker and more efficiently.  Also, it will create demand along its route for increased density of housing, offices and shops, which will contribute greatly to the overall sustainability of the Great Lakes city.

Ideally there would be another east west line between Bloor St and Eglinton.  The rule of thumb with transit is a quarter mile walk from any given point in the city to a subway station.  Older cities with more developed subway systems like Paris, London and New York meet this criteria and have vastly higher ratios of people using their trains because of the ease of use.

You have to start somewhere, though, and Eglinton is a good choice as it is already a heavily trafficked street, developed with a good density of residences and commercial spaces.  This crosstown line is a fantastic investment for the future citizens of the city of Toronto.


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