goin’ back to Houston tm

In America there was a very deliberate decision made to separate politicians from businessmen in the establishment of our state capitals and business cities.  Albany is miles from New York City, as is Sacramento from LA, Austen from Houston, Springfield from Chicago, Harrisburg from Philadelphia and so on.  Get the lawmakers out of town and let business get down to business was the guiding principle.

New York boomed not in small part because of the free trading, ethnically diverse, pub going and prostitute partaking culture set up by the tolerant Dutch.  Bombay was the same:  tolerance, inclusion, liberalism, a flowering of activity and trade.  Meanwhile, puritan religion and intolerance squelched business life in Boston and other eastern cities which stagnated and never caught up.

Liberal trade policies made boom cities but world financial centers still operate according to rules.  They’re economically liberal; they’re not anarchies.

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