Taller Buildings, Cheaper Homes | Economix, New York Times

Double Down on Density | Vishaan Chakrabarti, Urban Omnibus

This Land is Our Land | Vishaan Chakrabarti, Urban Omnibus


Why is Manhattan So Expensive? Regulation and the Rise in House Prices | by Edward L. Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko, and Raven Saks

NYC is the Greenest City in America | by David Owen,


Municipal Finance of Urban Infrastructure: Knowns and Unknowns | James Alm, James Young School of Public Policy


Population Growth and Suburban Sprawl | Sierra Club

The Genie In The Bottle: The Interstate System and Urban Problems, 1939-1957by Richard F. Weingroff, US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration


Suburbs and Cities as Dual Metropolis | Encyclopedia of Chicago

Suburbs as Exit, Suburbs as Entrance | Nicole Stelle Garnett,

The War Against Suburbia | Joel Kotkin, The American


Limewire Creator Brings Open Source Approach to Urban Planning | Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired


Better Communities Start with More Transportation Choices | The Sierra Club’s Challenge to Sprawl Campaign

Changes in the Scale and Size Distribution of US Metropolitan Areas during the Twentieth Century |SAGE Journal Online, Urban Studies

High Speed Rail: A Social Cohesion Strategy for the US? | Julie Wagner, Metropolitan Policy Program

Pennywise Pound Fuelish: New Measures of Housing and Transportation Affordability | Center for Neighborhood Technology, February 2010

Public Transportation and Petroleum Savings in the U.S.: Reducing Dependence on Oil | Linda Bailey, ICF International

Redefining Affordability | Center for Neighborhood Technology, January 2010

2010 Public Transportation Fact Book | American Public Transportation Association

Who Pays for Highways? | The Atlantic Monthly, July 22, 2008, Matthew Iglesias

Whose Roads? | Victoria Transport Policy Institite, Todd Litman, November 2004


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